How to Strengthen your Shoulder-The Accordians

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How to Strengthen your Shoulder-The Accordians


Hi guys, I just want to demonstrate a great exercise for shoulder strength in particular the rotator cuff which sits at the back of the shoulder and their collective action is to externally rotate the shoulder.

So this is great for shoulder rehabilitation also swimmers, triathletes, upper arm athletes in general and surf lifesavers.  So, you get a resistance band, this is blue but you can also get lighter or heavier.  You wrap it around at shoulder width, thumbs up to the ceiling, elbows to your side, shoulder blades pulled back to give you good posture and we are going to go from here to just out to the side so you are just flossing out like so.  Working on three lots of 12 reps to start with.  If you are a swimmer or someone that is an overhead athlete you can build up to three lots of 30 and you will feel a brilliant burn through the back here.

So I call these the accordions with resistance band.  Have fun with them guys!

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