Hip Stability Exercise – Hip External Rotation Progression (Physio Exercise)

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Hi guys, it’s Brad from POGO physio, I wanted talk to you today about a progression for the hip external rotation exercise.  So if you haven’t yet seen it refer to the bottom of the notes in YouTube on this clip and you will see the link for exercise part 1.

We are looking at the progression for the hip external rotation exercise.  These muscles sit deep under the bottom and they pull the hip back in the socket which has the effect of stopping the collapse of the hip when we run.  The reason we want to do that is because that collapse in movement will lock or load on all the lower limb structures and make your injury risk profile much higher for your running.  So let’s have a look at how we do it. Take my shoe off, we need a table or a bed at home, you’ll need some resistance band from your physio, there are different colours which represent different grades.  In this case I’ve got a black band which is actually one of the heavier resistances you can have. You might start on a red band or even a blue band.  Now we put the band around the foot, on the leg that it’s going to exercise, which is the bottom leg and I’ve just realized I’ve put it on the wrong side of the table, excuse me, I should know better, I’m going to put it over this side.  Put it around the foot, and we go from lying down upwards again for resistance.  So we want to aim to get 100 repetitions done continuously against resistance.  Now the difference of doing it with resistance to without resistance is when you’ve got resistance you are building strength not just activation.  And over longer runs of 5 kilometres up to a marathon distance you want that strength of those muscles to stabilise your pelvis. Now it’s just one of several exercises that I give routinely out to runners to help stabilise their hips but it’s a terrific exercise and a great progression with the band.  So work your way up to 100 reps.

If you have any questions please leave them in the notes at the bottom of this YouTube clip and in the meantime enjoy your running.

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  • Olivia

    I have been diagnosed with obturator externus tendinopathy, would this exercise be good for that?

    • Brad Beer

      Hi Olivia,

      An unusual tendinopathy.How was it diagnosed? MRI?

      Yes commence the exercise-and take a listen to this Ep 62 Dr Peter Malliaras tendon rehabilitation

      All the best

      Brad Beer

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