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This is a commonly prescribed core stability exercise that we prescribe at POGO Physio.

The exercise is known as the ‘bird-dogs’. It is very effective for the rehabilitation of lower back pain and as an exercise to address core stability deficits for other conditions including: hip pain, knee pain, running injuries, and even foot and ankle pain.

The exercise targets activation and early stage strengthening of the:
-erector spinae musculature
-transversus abdominus
-rectus abdominus

The aim is to:

-hold the back leg high and fully extended
-hold the arm extended and level with the leg and trunk
-minimise twisting of the hips

If you encounter pain check with your health care practitioner or local physiotherapist.


Peter’s going to demonstrate the Bird Dog position, hands underneath shoulders, knees underneath hips from here Peters going to come up opposite arms and legs on the mat and we’re going to hold that position there for 30 seconds to a minute, keeping the hips square to the ground, likewise the shoulders, and then you can simply repeat on the other side.

Just swapping sides there Pete, opposite arm and leg, hips square, shoulders square to the ground and holding for 30 seconds to a minute.  That’s the Bird Dogs.

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