Soothing Swiss Ball Exercise for Low Back Pain

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Hi Emily from POGO here, just staying after work to do some pilates and I was thinking I might show you really nice exercise for people that are getting a little back pain during their pregnancy or even if you are not pregnant it can be quite a nice exercise to do very gently. I want you think about when you are pregnant as you get bigger and bigger, your centre of gravity moves forward, so what ends up happening is as you get bigger you will get more of a curve in your lower back. As that curve gets more and more, it is going to get sorer so a Swiss ball can be really helpful to try and smooth and relax your back. So, sit on the ball, both feet on the floor about hip length apart, you can do little circles with your pelvis, you can also drop backwards and forwards. Sometimes it can be quite nice for pregnant mums that a working to sit on a Swiss ball while they are at work, so they can just do a few little movements. You just want to do it really gently. You don’t want to push pain and just do it a couple of times per day and it can really help calm your back pain. So give it a try and if you have any comments or thoughts please leave a comment below.

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