Are my running shoes worn out?

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Do I need new shoes?

Sports Med Podiatrist Aleks discusses with us what to look for when you think you might need new running shoes to prevent injury and perform at your physical best.


Hey guys my names Aleks, I’m from Sports Med Podiarty. Im just going to go through a few things to look for when your shoes are worn out. First rule of thumb is you should get approximately 800-1000km out of your shoes so you can work that week by week in terms of calculating how many kilometres you are doing per week and then you can work out in total weeks how often you should replace your shoes. The other things to look for is the the bottom of the shoe. The bottom of the shoe is made from rubber once that wears through to the midsole which is the middle portion of the shoe then you know that the shoe is most likely worn out. Some shoe brands can wear out faster then others in some peoples foot types so it is definitely worth getting into see your local podiatrist – Sports Med Podiatry preferably who can also let you know if your shies are worn out.

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Aleks Baruksopulo
SportsMed Podiatrist
BSc (Biomed), BHlthSc (Pod)


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