Hypermobility and what happens during Pregnancy

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Hypermobility and what happens during Pregnancy – what you need to know before your next massage


Hi everyone, Emily from POGO here.  I’ve just been thinking and I wanted to just do a really quick chat about people who are hyper mobile and what happens to their bodies during pregnancy.  So for those of you who don’t know, hyper mobility which means increase mobility refers to people whose joints move really easily.  It means the ligaments around their joints have a little more stretch, a little more give in them and their joints kind off get through range a little bit more.  When you are hyper mobile sometimes you are hyper mobile through your whole body so that means that the joints in your back and things move easily as well.  So when you think about pregnancy, as your baby grows your bump gets bigger and bigger and bigger and what happens is you start to get a bit more of an increase curve in your lower back.  So if you think about someone who has hyper mobile joints those joints are going to have even more pressure on them as the curve gets bigger, as your baby grows and your bump gets bigger.  When that happens a lot of the time the muscles around your back and around your pelvis are going to spasm to try and help protect your back and a lot of the time when you have tight muscles you think perfect, I’ll go and get a massage and that will really help.  Sometimes what can happen if someone gives you a really hard massage you can actually pull up more sore after, because that massage releases everything off it leaves your back feeling really vulnerable, it leaves those joints feeling really vulnerable, and the everything spasms right back up again.  So if you are a hypermobile person, you’re experiencing some back tightness through pregnancy feel free to go for a massage just make sure that they do it gently and probably the biggest thing you will need is potentially a brace or some exercises.  Exercises that are going to help support your pelvis, support your back and that’s where Pilates comes in and that’s a really good option.  But if you’re a hypermobile person and you’re pregnant and you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below but I just wanted to give a little warning out there, if you’re going to get a massage make sure they don’t go too hard because sometimes that can leave you a bit more painful after.  Thanks guys.

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