How to set up your seat for optimum spine support

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How to set up your seat for optimum spine support


Hi this is Lindsay from POGO just talking you through some advice on sitting with lower back pain. This is in particular for people who have discomfort sitting and problems when they bend forward with lower back pain. In an instance of acute or chronic lower back pain you should probably avoid sitting where possible but a lot of us have to sit in the car or for work so that is completely understandable. One of the main principles when you are setting up your sitting position, and this is particularly when you have got acute lower back pain, is to make sure that your hips are higher than your knees. So you can see with this chair I have padded it up with a pillow. The next principle is to get some lumber support too. I have rolled up a towel but you could also get a little lumber roll. When you are sitting you then pop the towel in the very small of your back. So you can see here that my hips are higher than my knees which allows me to sit in spinal neutral and I have got the towel lumber in my lower back and you can relax over it. You probably want to get up from sitting every fifteen to twenty minutes and have a walk around. In the car make sure that your seat is far enough forward so that your hamstrings are not on stretch and are not pulling you into the slumped position. For any more advice on how your back pain is better managed make sure you come and see someone because everyone’s back is different and there are specific things that need to be done for different backs. Thank you.

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