Do I need to run the marathon distance in training?

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Hi guys, Brad here from Pogo Physio.  A frequently asked question that I get is do I need to do the marathon distance in training before you take on your first marathon.

The answer to that is no, there’s no need to necessarily run the 42 kilometres, in training before you do your debut or your first marathon. Certainly the longer the preparation that you have, the better, and that allows you to incrementally increase your running volume week by week so that come the marathon you’re able to do a longer running training than someone that started with a shorter preparation. So in short answer no you don’t need to run the marathon first, however it is nice to get as long a run in as you can safely before the marathon but that doesn’t mean cramming your volume because that can spike your load in on your body and potentially lead to injury.

So seek the guidance of your health professional and good luck with your first marathon catch you next time.

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Brad Beer (APAM)

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  • Coach Kyle Kranz

    Definitely good advice. For many people, they may benefit from doing the *time* they’re expecting for their first marathon in training. Obviously, the distance will fall short, but having that time on their feet equal to what they expect on race day will be helpful for further planning gear, nutrition, and developing the mindset.

    • Brad Beer

      Agree Kyle.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Regards Brad Beer

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