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Brad Beer’s Segment on parkrun adventurers

17:01 What are we doing right if we haven’t suffered too many injuries in our running career?

18:05 What are the most common injuries that you come across – that come into your clinic?

18:58 Give us the one tip – I know you have 5 – but give us the one thing to avoid injuries.  What is the most important thing that we have to look out for?

20:26 I often tell people not to go from zero to 20K’s in one week – is that what you are hinting at?

21:31 You like to run fast don’t you?

22:07 Have you ever ran a park run that took you more than 20 minutes?

25:06 I have to ask you are a physio by trade – so is the word out at Main Beach Park Run and you just get approached by a lot of park runners saying “my calf is giving me issues, or my hip feels a little bit pointy, can you take a look at it” or do you just send them to your practice?

26:25 We have established that you are fast – give us one tip for everyone else to run fast? What is the one thing that has helped you improve your PB?

27:46 A Cadence sweet spot is 90 – that is just one foot – so does that mean that 180 steps per minute is required?  Which is 3 per second?

29:25 Do you ever get any feedback that somebody has tripped trying to make their legs move that fast?

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