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Commonwealth Games

Episode 104: Commonwealth Games Preview Episode

Episode 104 is a special Commonwealth games preview episode. The Commonwealth Games 2018 are happening this week (April 2018) and what better way to usher in the Commonwealth Games then to speak to the many athletes that will be competing over the next two weeks.

Over the last several months Brad Beer has taken the opportunity to catch up with several of the athletes who will be competing amongst the six thousand athletes at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.  During the episode we discuss what it is they have been focusing on during training, what it is that they are excited about with the Commonwealth Games and also what’s left to do in their final preparations. We hear from some previous guests of the Physical Performance Show in terms of athletes and we also have a couple of fresh voices in the mix also. Tune in now to this inspiring episode.

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Listen in as we speak to:

  • Eloise Wellings – 10,000m
  • Genevieve Lacaze – 3000m Steeple Chase
  • Ryan Gregson – 1500m
  • Jess Trengove – Marathon
  • Pat Tiernan – 10,000m
  • Dane Bird-Smith – 20km Racewalk
  • Jordan Williams – 1500m
  • Luke Mathews – 1500m
  • Ben Treffers – 100m Backstroke

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Commonwealth Games Commonwealth Games


“You have to find that sweet spot between a little bit and too much.” Eloise Wellings
“Enjoy the process and journey along the way and you will perform well.” Eloise Wellings
“Best Advice: Persist and don’t give up on it.” Eloise Wellings
“Stop rushing into things.” Genevieve LaCaze
“Work towards the end goal.” Genevieve LaCaze
“It’s kind of routine for me.” Genevieve LaCaze
“It’s mentally easier to do the same thing every week.” Genevieve LaCaze
“If we’re just trying to be mediocre, we could go through injury free.” Ryan Gregson
“The sessions are harder.” Ryan Gregson
“Rely on the 1 percenters.” Jess Trengove
“Put your best foot forward.” Patrick Tiernan
“Sometimes you need to do things a little differently.” Patrick Tiernan
“It’s all the investment that we have put in over the years that comes down to one day.” Dane Bird-Smith
“Give it everything I’ve got!” Dane Bird-Smith
“Have a performance that you are really proud of.” Jordan Williamsz
“Recovery Tip: Protein Shake and Massage.” Luke Mathews
“Train Hard but enjoy the ride.” Ben Treffers

Commonwealth Games Commonwealth Games

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Eloise Wellings – Episode 32 of The Physical Performance Show
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Facebook: @eloise.wellings
Website: Love Mercy Foundation Website

Genevieve Lacaze – Episode 30 of The Physical Performance Show
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Ryan Gregson – Episode 31 of The Physical Performance Show
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Ryan Gregson Website – Gregson Running

Jess Trengove – Episode 34 of The Physical Performance Show
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Website:  Jessica Trengove Website
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Pat Tiernan – Episode 41 of The Physical Performance Show
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Dane Bird Smith – Episode 36 of The Physical Performance Show
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Jordan Williamsz
Facebook: @jordan.williamsz
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Luke Matthews – Episode 80 of The Physical Performance Show
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Twitter:  @lukemathews95

Ben Treffers
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Commonwealth Games


0:00 Start
3:00 Welcome Eloise Wellings
3:50 What Eloise is working on
7:40 Entering the World Championships
10:30 Best advice for dealing with a tendon injury
13:00 Upcoming racing
13:50 Training over the next few months
15:50 Welcome to Ryan Gregson and Genevieve Lacaze
17:45 Genevieve unpacking after RIO
18:30 Genevieve struggling with injury
20:00 Ryan suffering from Tendon Injuries
20:45 What work is left to do
22:00 Ryan competing at world indoors
23:45 Purpose of staying at Falls Creek
26:50 Training around injury
30:00 Who they would like to see at the games
31:10 Welcome to Jess Trengove
35:00 Struggling with injury after RIO
38:00 Coming up to GC Commonwealth Games
40:00 Goals and preparation
42:30 Events that Jess will follow
47:30 Welcome to Pat Tiernan
48:30 Competing in the Commonwealth Games
51:50 Training with Melbourne Track Club
55:00 Unpacking recent races
57:40 Welcome Dane Birdman Smith
1:00:00 World Championships
1:04:00 Preparation to the Commonwealth Games
1:07:00 What Birdman will be watching
1:10:00 Welcome Jordan Williams
1:12:00 Training with Ryan Gregson
1:13:00 Preparation leading into the Commonwealth Games
1:15:40 Welcome Luke Matthews
1:18:30 Typical training week
1:21:16 Recovery
1:22:20 Trials Qualification
1:24:50 Ben Treffers – 100m Backstroke
1:29:40 Preparation leading into the Commonwealth Games
1:33:00 Other competitors
1:40:00 Next week’s guest
1:42:10 Finish

Commonwealth Games Commonwealth Games

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