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Episode 354 of The Physical Performance Show is the ‘best of’ sections of the 2022 Top 10 downloaded episodes.

We’ve looked straight at the data, that is, the number of downloads per episode and today we review the top 10 most downloaded episodes of 2022.

It’s been a big year! We’ve had over 1 million downloads across the 52 week cycle to take the show’s overall downloads to more than 4 million. In addition, we were thrilled to pick up third place, a bronze medal if you like, at the Australian Podcast Awards in the sports category. Our YouTube channel has grown and our social media following, so for that we are incredibly thankful and proud!

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To listen to Episode 354:


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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Dr Dan Plews – Applied Exercise Physiologist, Endure IQ Founder. HRV Guided Endurance Training
  • Cam Wurf (OLY) – INEOS Grenadier Pro Cyclist & Ironman Triathlon Champion
  • Megan Kuikman – Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutrition Researcher – Disordered Eating in Sport
  • Non Stanford – 2013 World Triathlon Series & 2022 European Champion
  • Dr Jessica Orchard – Sports Cardiology & Cardiac Screening Researcher, Assoc. Editor @BJSM_BMJ : Cardiac Health for the Endurance Athlete
  • Matt Dixon – Purple Patch Fitness founder & Head Coach
  • Dr Stephen Seiler – Intensify or Extensify: the Concept of Durability
  • Javier Gomez Noya – 8 x World Triathlon Champion
  • Kat Matthews – 2022 World Ironman Championship Silver Medallist
  • Dr Dan Plews – Low CHO diet: Right Fuel-Right Time Approach

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Website: EndureIQ
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YouTube: EndureIQ

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Non Stanford

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Dr Jessica Orchard

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Matt Dixon

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Dr Stephen Seiler 

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Webinar: Sustainable Training for Attainable Endurance Goals Livestream

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