We are thrilled to be hosting acclaimed Sports Scientist Dr Stephen Seiler on a three hour Livestream in July.

During this three hour Livestream acclaimed Sports Scientist Stephen Seiler (PhD) will cover the following 4 sessions:

 Session 1: Intensity Distribution for long-term performance development

 Session 2: Interval training: Research and practical applications

Session 3: Periodisation and Peaking

 Session 4: Training monitoring to support the process

Q&A with Dr Stephen Seiler 

What’s included?

  • Live webinar including Q & A time
  • Workbook (pdf)
  • Recorded copy of webinar following the Livestream

Livestream is ideal for:

  • Coaches (all levels: junior to elite)
  • Athletes (all levels-especially endurance athletes: runners, triathletes, rowers, cyclists, swimmers)
  • Health and medical professionals (exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, sports physicians, specialists)
  • Fitness professionals (personal trainers, strength & conditioning)
  • Students (health, exercise, sports sciences)


Sustainable Training for Attainable Endurance Goals Livestream

Date: Saturday 18th July 2020

Time: 3pm-6pm (AEST, Brisbane Australia time)


We will send a webinar link to you in early July after registration.

Maximum Attendance:

100 maximum attendees.


$49 per person

About Dr Stephen Seiler

Dr Stephen Seiler is an American Sports Scientist who now resides in Norway. Stephen has been the past Dean of Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences at the University of Agder in Norway, a former Research and Senior Consultant for the Norwegian Olympic Federation and an Executive Board Member of Directus for the European College of Sports Science. Stephen is acclaimed worldwide amongst Coaches, Researchers, Athletes and Health Professionals for his work into Optimising Endurance Training. Stephen is perhaps best known for his work on Polarised Training.


The Physical Performance Show

Dr Seiler’s Episode of The Physical Performance Show is to date the most downloaded Episode across what is now 200 Episodes. Dr Seiler outlines the evidence for going slow 80% of the time,  the wisdom & physiological benefits of extending the duration of sessions, the concept of ‘biological durability’, viewing training over the number of sessions in a year, why how we structure the Zone 3 intensity workouts doesn’t seem to matter (rather collecting minutes in that Zone is what matters), how to structure a 12 week training program for optimal results.

Listen to Episode 172 HERE>>