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Caine Eckstein

Episode 8: Caine Eckstein – Nutri Grain Ironman Champion

Brad Beer recently sat down with Caine Eckstein – Nutri Grain Ironman Champion for Episode 8 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

Brad has a fire-side chat with Caine, discussing the highs, lows of his journey as a Nutri Grain Ironman Champion, 5 x Coolangatta Gold Winner, & World pull Up Record Holder.

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In this episode Caine shares:

  • What scares Caine Eckstein the most?
  • What has Caine doing 500 pull ups for breakfast on the morning of the interview?
  • Favourite sporting achievement: winning the Coolangatta Gold at 19 yrs of age as the first open event coming out of the U/19’s in the 2005 edition of the race. Notably 2005 was the rebirth of the iconic Coolangatta Gold, the first race since 1987
  • Growing up in Mermaid Beach with an older brother Shannon Eckstein, and father Billy as club coach at Surfers Paradise Surf Life-Saving Club as coach through until 19 years of age.
  • Eating dinner with pride if a good session had been achieved that day in training.
  • How mum Donna deals with two ultra competitive brothers.
  • The role of late-father Billy Eckstein getting Caine and Shannon onto paddle boards at 7 yrs of age.
  • The effect of losing Caine’s father at 20 years of age, the significance of Billy watching Caine’s first Coolangatta Gold win, and the subsequent period of not knowing what Caine was racing for.
  • Winning the 2011/12 Nutri Grain Surf Life Saving series championship. The highlight being winning the 6th race of the series in a dominant display winning the 5 races of the eliminator at Noosa that day.
  • Foray into triathlon from Ironman surf competition with a wildcard to the 2013 Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, at Kona.
  • Tackling the Hawaii Ironman triathlon with just 12 weeks of bike training, leading the swim, and then needing to withdraw on the run due to injury.
  • The 2014 Guinness Book of World Records Pull Up journey to New York, idea genesis, to setting the 12 and 24 hr World Pull Ups Record on live on the NBC Today Show (view the footage here) after completing 4210 pull ups in 12 hours.
  • How Caine managed to keep going after tearing biceps at the 7 hour mark.
  • Opportunities that came off the back of the World Record attempt, including being named in the Fox Sports ‘What the Fox’ top 5 news articles of the year
  • The difference between pull ups and chin ups
  • Dealing with further World Record attempts with the record now elevated to 6,800 for 24 hrs
  • The upcoming record attempt June 15th Wednesday morning, finishing June 16th, airing on The Today Show Australia (view the video here with Karl and Lisa)
  • Upcoming release of Caine’s app
  • The strategy for the upcoming world record attempt, and training doing 2500 reps in a day, 1 hr 10 mins to do 1,000 pull ups.
  • Caine’s bucket list sporting and personally.

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