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Troy Bayliss

Episode 9: Troy Bayliss – Three Times World Superbike Champion

Brad Beer recently sat down with Troy Bayliss – Three Times World Superbike Champion for Episode 9 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

Brad has a fire-side chat with Troy, discussing the highs and lows of his journey as a Three Times World Superbike Champion, British Superbike Champion, MotoGP Winner, & 52 World Superbike wins!

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In this episode Troy shares:

  • What scares the fastest man on 2 wheels?
  • A remarkable 33% win/start ratio.
  • Riding the bike like a piano.
  • Why Troy took until age 35 yrs to understand himself as an athlete.
  • Cornering at 65-80km/hr at the slowest.
  • Riding was like being in a push up position with someone sitting on your back.
  • Hitting a top speed of 347km/hr.
  • Why crashing at 80km/hr can be better than crashing at 160km/hr.
  • More skin off on push bikes than motorcycles.
  • How Troy has been hurt more riding dirt bikes in the last 4 years.
  • ‘I was always superior but I used to leave it out there in the training’.
  • Racing against Max Biaggi as a rival.
  • Why Troy sometimes didn’t sleep well.
  • Marrying Kym, Troy’s childhood sweetheart.
  • The role of Darrell Healy and the Ducati team, Troy’s team manager who through until the end of Troy’s career never took a cent as a manager.
  • Receiving a British Superbike invitation.
  • Riding against Carl Fogarty as a rival, and why Troy wanted his job.
  • Racing Monza 2000
  • The first professional win at Hockenheim Germany after meeting the team 2 weeks before.
  • Winning the first world Superbike championship title at 28yrs, in 2001 & what was going through Troy’s head
  • Winning at MotoGP
  • Staying hungry for three world championship titles
  • Making the difficult decision to retire, knowing that potentially there were another two world titles to win.
  • Life after the motorbike-cycling, family, and business.
  • What’s next for Troy Bayliss.
  • The Troy Bayliss Classic

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