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Introducing the Dynamometer

Emily and Lewis show us how to use our newest tool the Dynamometer. Watch to find out how it can help you achieve your goals.


Hi, Emily and Lewis from POGO Physio here. It is a very exciting day today at POGO Physio because we have a new toy to use and this is a hand held electronic Dynamometer. What this little tool can do is predict how much power you can produce with different muscles during different movements. This is just going to let us be really specific in our measurements of you and it is going to help us pick really specific goals for you. So, we are very excited here. I am going to do a really quick demonstration of how we would access someone’s strength of their glutes using 5 side lying hip movements. So we have Lewis lying on his side here, he is going to push up against me, and there we have 25.2 kgs on the right side. Now we will flip over, push, and 24.1 on the left. Thanks for that Lewis. If you want to see what your power is like come check it out.

Emily Georgopolous (APAM)

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