Strengthen and Activate your Tibialis

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Watch as physio Lewis shares how to strengthen and activate you tibialis to ensure you stay injury free. This exercise is particularly useful to help runners ankle dorsiflexion and stop your calves fatiguing.


Hi guys, Lewis here from POGO with a little exercise to help get some activation and strength into your tibialis.  Your tibialis anteriors is the muscle in front of your shin. It is really important to get some good strength through there to help make sure your calves don’t fatigue, and to help ensure you get good ankle dorsiflexion – so your ankle range when you run. So what we are going to do is firstly walk on your heels. You want to try and maintain the arch of your foot, so you are not collapsing in. Then we are going to try and keep that while you walk, keeping your toes and the ball of your foot nice and high of the ground. You can do 3 lots of 1 minute and you should actually find that it is quite fatiguing through your shins. The second little exercise is again to maintain the arch of your foot, and secondly curl that big toe lifting it so you should feel it in the front of your shin and then maintain that whilst you are walking.

Lewis Craig (APAM)
POGO Physiotherapist
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  • Cara

    This is my problem. Once fatigued it craps something terrible. I am so going to try these exercises.
    Thank you so much for posting!

    • Sophie Walker

      No worries – we hope this helps you!

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