Navigating the Footwear Maze: Single leg calf raises

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Single leg calf raises are essential for runners and lower limb athletes.

Single leg calf raises and the resultant strength reduce the likelihood of:

1. developing tight calves.
2. sustaining a calf muscle/soloeus tear or strain.
3. developing a lower limb injury if transitioning into a lighter pair of shoes.


As a runner transitions towards lighter shoes it is imperative that they develop sufficient calf endurance of both legs to allow the calves to absorb the extra work and load that they will be subjected to in a lighter pair of shoes.

One of the best ways I have found over the years that I have had as a physiotherapist treating runners is to prescribe single leg calf raises. I have a little saying that “30 single leg calf raises a day keeps the physio away”.

So I am going to have Peter demonstrate how to do a single leg calf raise.

Peter is going to push up onto the toe, between the first and second toe. Now each repetition is about 3 seconds, and back down, so up for one, two, three – and down – up for one, two, three – and back down.

Peter needs to be able to perform 30 calf raises continuously on each leg, with a 3 second hold per rep.

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