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In episode 323 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares the highlights and ‘best of’ sections from our Expert Editions that we’ve shared so far this year.

Repetition truly is the mother of all skill, our last Learnings ‘Catchupasode’ took place back in September of 2021 and 31 episodes later, it’s time to do some revision of some of the key learnings that our featured guests have shared:

  • Prof Peter Ebeling – ‘Treating low bone density across the lifespan’
  • Prof Eric Hegedus – ‘Return to Run Programming’
  • Dr Stephen Seiler – ‘Intensify or Extensify: The Concept of Durability’
  • Dr Dan Plews – ‘HRV Guided Endurance Training’
  • Chris Blomfield-Brown – ‘Thermoregulation in Sport’

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

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Episode 306 of The Physical Performance Show

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Episode 213 of The Physical Performance Show – Heat Training & Acclimation for the Endurance Athlete
Episode 256 of The Physical Performance Show – ‘High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Endurance Athletes’

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