The Physical Performance Show: BONUS EPISODE: ‘Dissecting the Ironman Triathlon World Record 7:21:12 ‘ Kristian Blummenfelt (Current Olympic Triathlon & World Triathlon Series Champion)

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Kristian Blummenfelt

In episode 301 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Kristian Blummenfelt (Current Olympic Triathlon & World Triathlon Series Champion) on this Bonus episode.

Kristian is no stranger on The Physical Performance Show, appearing on Episode 117 in 2018 where he outlined his goals, his ambitions to become Olympic Word Champion, World Triathlon Series Champion and to make an impression across the Ironman distance. He re-appeared on Episode 286 following his Tokyo Olympic Games sensational victory.

In this episode Kristian Blummenfelt dissects his 2021 Ironman Triathlon World Record set in Cozumel Mexico 07:21:12, who wouldn’t want a 39:41 swim split, 04:02:40 on the bike and a 2:35:24 marathon to finish.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Kristian’s Race – 2021 Ironman Triathlon World
  • Bike Training Sessions
  • Intensity Control
  • Q&A Session – Dissecting The Ironman Race
  • Team culture, fun and hobbies
  • Data points during Ironman
  • Nutrition and pre-hydration insights during Ironman
  • Body maintenance routine
  • Kristian’s upcoming marathon schedule and preparation 

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“I’ve always liked being active and doing a lot of sports.”
“Surround yourself with people that you enjoy being with.”

To follow Kristian Blummenfelt

Instagram: @kristianblu
Twitter: @kristianblu


00:00 Start
03:14 Welcome Kristian
05:30 Kristians Race – 2021 Ironman Triathlon World
15:15 Bike Training Sessions
20:16 Intensity Control
21:18 Q&A Session – Dissecting The Ironman Race
50:20 His body maintenance routine
54:21 His upcoming marathon schedule and preparation 
58:55 Finish

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People Mentioned

Gustav Iden – Gustav Iden 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Champion, 2020 PTO Champion CHALLENGEDAYTONA®, Episode 249 of The Physical Performance Show
Arild Tveiten – Triathlon Norway Head Coach, Sports Director Norwegian Triathlon Federation, Episode 224 of The Physical Performance Show
Breda Daly – Triathlon champion
Olav Aleksander Bu – Blummenfelt’s coach
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