The Physical Performance Show: Featured Performer: Tokyo Men’s Triathlon Podium Recap: Kristian Blummenfelt (Olympic Champion) & Hayden Wilde (Bronze Medallist)

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In episode 286 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares conversations with Men’s Olympic Triathlon Podium Medalists, Kristian Blummenfelt (Olympic Champion) & Hayden Wilde (Bronze Medallist) on this Featured Performer episode.

Olympic Champion Kristian Blumenfeld has just become the first male Triathlete in history to win the Olympic title along with the World Triathlon Series title in a given year. Kristian’s victory at Tokyo was emphatic it had been fastidiously planned for alongside his Norwegian teammates and coach Arild Tveiten.

In addition on this bonus episode, you’ll hear from Hayden Wilde New Zealand Triathlete who won the bronze medal in a stunning performance. 

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Olympic Journey
  • Tokyo 2020/21 Recap
  • Race Strategy
  • Training and Preparation for Tokyo
  • Mindset
  • Highs and Lows of Tokyo
  • Training & Preparation for World Triathlon Series

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Quotes – Kristian Blummenfelt

“It’s ok to fail.” 
“It’s worth a try at least if you want to win.”
“As long as you are consistent with your running and you are doing your recovery well like eating enough and running progressively, you will be ok.”
“Often when we travel, like after race, I try to not just be on the phone, I try to be more with the team and just leave the phone in the pocket”

Quotes – Hayden Wilde

“Learn what my competitor’s strengths and what their tactics were”
“Focus on what I can control and execute what you know you can do.”
“Our mindset is to be flexible.”
“Having flexibility is a huge thing.”

To follow Kristian Blummenfelt

Instagram: @kristianblu
Twitter: @kristianblu
Episode 117 of The Physical Performance Show featuring Kristian Blummenfelt – Olympic Triathlete, Super League Triathlon Champion

To follow Hayden Wilde

Website: HaydenWilde
Instagram: @hayden_wilde
Podcast: Hayden Wilde – Double World Champion XTERRA (U/19) & NZ Professional Triathlete, Episode 162 of The Physical Performance Show


00:00 Start
03:41 Welcome Kristian Blummenfelt Olympic Champion
04:47 His inspirational journey
06:35 Racing to win
09:35 His mind talk
11:30 His shoe preference
13:27 Training prior to Tokyo
17:30 Training for Tokyo Heat
20:43 Team Preparation for World Triathlon Series
23:10 His robustness in injury recovery
27:00 Kristian’s Strava information
29:03 Where he’ll be training for Kona
31:00 Question from Yohan re: dealing with public criticism
32:50 Surprising messages he’s received after winning
36:56 Welcome Hayden Wilde
39:07 The high of Hayden’s Tokyo Olympic experience
40:55 Hayden’s race without having his coach on the ground
42:43 Thinking about his late Dad
45:35 Welcoming him back to the village with the Haka
48:05 Lows from his Olympic experience
49:56 His biggest learning
51:55 What his mentality was like during the race
53:25 His race data
57:37 Race Preparation
1:03:03 Preparing for Edmonton and Montreal
1:07:55 Finish

People Mentioned

Arild Tveiten – Triathlon Norway Head Coach, Sports Director Norwegian Triathlon Federation, Episode 224 of The Physical Performance Show
Alistair Brownlee – British triathlete
Craig Kirkwood – Hayden Wilde Coach, Episode 255 of The Physical Performance Show
Alex Yee – British professional triathlete and distance runner
Gustav Iden –  Norwegian triathlete, Episode 249 of The Physical Performance Show
Mario Mola – Spanish triathlete
Fernando Alarza – Spanish triathlete
Eliud Kipchoge – Kenyan long-distance runner
Hamish Carter – New Zealand Triathlete
Bevan Docherty – New Zealand Olympian
Moss Burmester – New Zealand Swimmer & Diver

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