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Australian Marathon Team

In this Special BONUS episode 285 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares conversations with members of the Australian Olympic Marathon Team re Tokyo 2020/21 Marathon Team Reflections.

The marathon was run in hot and arduous conditions in Sapporo, and we caught up with Australian team members whilst in hotel quarantine to capture their reflections on their performances.

In this recap we catch up with:

  • Sinead Diver
  • Ellie Pashley
  • Liam Adams
  • Brett Robinson
  • Jack Rayner

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Tokyo 2020/21 Olympic Games Reflection
  • Tokyo 2020/21 Olympic Games Preparation
  • Managing in hotel quarantine
  • Pacing Strategies
  • Fuelling Strategies
  • Qualifying Experiences
  • Injuries
  • Future Plans

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“It is important to do something for yourself even when you have kids.” – Sinead
“I knew I needed to be more relaxed than usual during the marathon.” – Liam
“For this race I felt that cooling was the most important thing to do” – Liam
“Looking forward to getting back, just got to be patient this time around” – Jack

To follow Sinead Diver:

Twitter: @diversinead
Instagram: @diversinead
Sinead Diver – AUS Marathon Representative, Episode 68 of The Physical Performance Show

To follow Ellie Pashley:

Instagram: @ellieopash
Website: RunStrongOnlineCoaching
Ellie Pashley –  AUS Distance Runner + Physiotherapist, Episode 183 of The Physical Performance Show

To follow Liam Adams:

Instagram: @liamadamsrunner
Liam Adams –  AUS Marathon Representative & Olympian, Episode 181 of The Physical Performance Show

To follow Brett Robinson:

Instagram:  @brett_robinson23
Twitter:  @brettrobinson91
Brett Robinson –  AUS Olympian, 59:57 AUS Half Mara Record Holder, Episode 206 of The Physical Performance Show

To follow Jack Rayner:

Instagram:  @jackrayner7
Instagram: @pulserunning
Jack Rayner –  INEOS 159 Challenge pacemaker + Multi Half Marathon Champion, Episode 186 of The Physical Performance Show


00:00 Start
02:21 Sinead Diver reflecting on Tokyo Olympic Games
07:47 Sinead’s pacing strategy
10:57 Tokyo Preparation
11:28 Her Olympic Experience
12:58 Future plans
14:12 Welcome Ellie Pashley
15:00 Managing in quarantine
16:55 Ellie’s pacing strategy & race reflection
14:12 Welcome Ellie Pashley
15:00 Managing in quarantine
16:55 Ellie’s pacing strategy & race reflection
21:30 Fuelling strategy
23:15 Staging camp
25:25 Coach’s advice
25:53 Ellie talks about being a New Balance Shoes Ambassador
26:48 Future plans
32:32 Welcome Liam Adams
33:47 His qualifying experience
40:58 Liam reflects on his marathon performance
46:20 His fuelling strategies
48:25 Liam’s future plans
52:37 Welcome Brett Robinson
54:35 Reflecting on his marathon experience
57:40 His abdominal cramping experience
1:00:51 Fuelling strategy change
1:03:09 What’s next for Brett
1:04:07 Welcome Jack Rayner
1:05:03 Talking about his bone stress injury and cramping during the marathon
1:10:54 Jack’s learnings for his next race
1:13:05 Future Plans
1:14:40 Pulse Run Coaching
1:15:30 Olympic experience
1:20:48 Finish

People Mentioned

Nic Bideau – Sinead Diver Marathon Coach
Jessica Rothwell – Sports Dietitian
Julian Spence  – Australian long-distance runner
Lisa Weightman – 3x AUS Olympic Marathon Representative Lee Troop, Episode 183 of The Physical Performance Show
Zane Robertson – NZ Long distance runner, Episode 211 of The Physical Performance Show

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