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Emily here, I just wanted to dispel one of the C-Section myths that I hear quite often.  So a lot of people think that if you have a Caesarean Section that it’s going to be a lot of a longer rehabilitation because they cut through your abdominal muscles. Well I’m here to let you know that when the surgeon performs your C-Section they don’t cut through the abdomen. So pretty much you have your six pack muscles on top here and they actually come down and end at the bottom here and then there’s fascia underneath that. So what the surgeon does is they go underneath the fascia and then cut into your uterus to birth your baby. So what the surgeon does cut through.  They cut through your skin and they cut through any fat that’s there. Then they cut through the walls of your uterus so they can birth your baby and after that they stitch all the layers up but muscle wise nothing is cut so that doesn’t heal what we are waiting for to heal are the wounds and the stitches and things like that. So although there is a degree that you have to recover from that the recovery isn’t immensely longer because of muscle cutting. No, it’s just to let the wound heal and a lot of the times the recovery Caesar wise and vaginal wise can be similar in some ways so in case you’re worried that the surgeon cuts your ab muscles when you have a Caesar, don’t worry that is not what happens.

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