Are you Pregnant and have groin pain?

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Hi everyone, Emily from POGO here. Just wanted to have a quick chat about something that some people experience while they are pregnant and that can be groin pain. So whether you are feeling it in the groin or sometimes a little bit more centrally one of the causes possible could be this little joint here.  We call it the pubic symphysis. Pretty much your pelvis is in 2 halves the back half meets here and the front half meets here for your pubic symphysis and there is a little bit of a joint in there and as you know the hormones that get released during your pregnancy help relax the ligaments to get ready for child birth but sometimes that can start to happen pretty early on and what happens as this joint gets more loose it moves a lot more easily. Some things that might indicate that your pubic symphysis is causing pain is if you get pain when you move your leg away from the other one or pain when you squeeze our knees together in that area there. It can be a really annoying pain and pretty much can be debilitating for some people.  Some people end up on crutches or in wheelchairs. It really ranges for people but sometimes if you get on top of it early you can prevent those types of things. So by getting assessed by your physio they can let you know if you need a belt or a binder around that area to help support the joint more can be useful and also give you some exercises that are going to help strengthen all the muscles around your pelvis and through the front there to help to really support that joint so it doesn’t shear every time you take a step. So if you are getting that pain it is not an abnormal thing but there is definitely things that physio can do to help so just wanted to share that little tip today. Thanks guys.

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