Would you rather pay for the time spent with your Physio or for an outcome?

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The ‘why’ behind POGO Finish Line Programs.

So I am going on a tangent here; out of my usual heavily based scientific lingo, but my eyes are still on the prize. As a physiotherapist, that simply translates into being able to deliver the treatment one needs versus the treatment one can afford. I get paid for the services and expertise I provide; my client pays for the outcome he or she wants, not for the time spent with me. Its genius and simple, yet; it took us a long time to figure out a solution to an industry standard time billing model that is, at its best, inefficient.

I can assure you; if that sounds like cheap propaganda it means one out of two possibilities: either you have not experienced it yet or; you were fortunate to be inside the 50% cohort of clients who get the outcome they want in a time billing model, because the other half does not. Don’t believe me? Just ask around when you have a chance. I am certain you going to hear something in the lines of ‘I went to a Physio and they did not help me, or to an Osteo, or Chiro etc’. Sometimes it goes like this ‘I feel a bit better but the problem is still there. I will see how it goes’.

I have been a physio for 13 years now, have worked in different settings, different countries and even had the privilege of being invited to an Olympic Game as a Physiotherapist. The reason I say ‘privilege’ is not to undermine my clinical skills but solely because I know quite a few at least equally good and even better skilled physios than me who never had that opportunity. The reason why I mentioned the Olympics is because it helps me to clarify the difference between time billing versus outcome billing with a practical example.

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Do you know what happens when a high level, highly paid (or not, depending on sport and country of origin) world class athlete gets an injury? Do you know why your injury, most likely, takes longer to heal and you take longer to recover than those athletes, even when the diagnosis is the same? The answer is easy; there is no time billing in elite sport. The only option available to them is the outcome based model. There is no waiting around, there is no let us try and see. The goal is to get a clear diagnosis right away, not tomorrow, not next week. Why? Because without a clear diagnosis, any attempted treatment or prognosis is nothing but guess-work. Now, why should you be treated differently or prevented from having access to a model that is standard care for the best on the planet?

The scenarios, paychecks and glamour are not the same, I get that. Nevertheless, the pressures and commitments are just the same. To be running a family, keeping a job going, getting the weekend sweat for mental sanity, staying active and fit, losing weight or, all of the above. Bottom line, for most people, their desired outcome is just as important to them as to any Olympian. For instance, at the Polyclinic inside the Olympic Village in Rio a full team of professionals and equipment was available in order to diagnose, treat and establish a prognosis to any injured athlete in a timely manner. For far too long, our industry has accepted below average results as standard care. We at POGO are breaking through the norm and delivering an industry first outcome based billing system, which we call Finish Line Programs.

As physios we are not interested in delivering a job half done. Can you imagine an Orthopaedic Surgeon doing half surgery because your time is up? As extreme as it sounds, that is what Physios, Chiros and Osteos have been doing. We get you as far as your money can take. Don’t get me wrong, I am part of that old model and just as guilty as anyone else. On the other hand, I must admit I have had lots of wins in a time billing system, we all have had those.  The problem is what about the other half of clients who never reach their finish line?

As physios we are not interested in delivering a job half done. #performbetter @pogophysio Click To Tweet

Some people will strive to perform at their best whilst others settle for whatever life throws at them. We would rather be the first case and try to perform at our best. It’s like Disneyland for Physios. Get your client in as much as needed, doing as much as needed, with no constraints, full stop. We call it unlimited access because that’s what it is. Can you imagine a Gold Coast Titans player who had a hamstring strain which prevented them from playing in the grand final because he can only afford 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks? In fact he would have access to unlimited help in order to get the outcome needed and that is what we have on offer for every client that walks through the door.

We strongly believe we can do better. I am confident an outcome based billing system is the future in private health care. It also means a great commitment on the behalf of the client, who certainly has to hold his end of the bargain in order to get the wanted result. No shortcuts and no grey areas, just 2 individuals working alongside in order to achieve a result. That is what we are offering with our Finish Line Programs. It all starts with a clear diagnosis. Next we treat the pain with a combination of hands-on and off techniques, including exercises tailored according to your needs. Some people complain Physios only look at you, give you a handout and send you away. Well, that is not us. Others, on the other hand, do not help you achieve your goals or empower you enough by just telling you to keep coming back forever. Trust me, that is not us either. I have written before about building tissue capacity and monitoring loads (you can find LINKS TO BOTH HERE AND HERE). We value what we do and we practice what we preach. A big chunk of our programs are dedicated to strength and conditioning. There is no place for a magic fix in performance, only hard work. We ensure all the hard work is paired with fun as it helps give you the fuel you need to keep pushing forward whilst your rehab is on the way.

I am confident an outcome based billing system is the future in private health care. #performbetter @pogophysio Click To Tweet

Please do not hesitate to ask us about our programs or check our website. We want to share this message. We have something exciting to offer and are not afraid to take up a little challenge in helping you with your journey.

Bruno Rebello (APAM)


Bruno Rebello

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