Shoulder Rehabilitation Physio Exercise – Chariots

 In Upper Limb

In this video physiotherapist Lindsay Young demonstrates a terrific shoulder rehabilitation physio exercise – the chariots.

This exercise can be performed with either bent or straight arms.


Hi I’m Lindsay, and I’m going to be demonstrating another shoulder stability exercise. This one is going to be called “chariots” and it is to help strengthen the muscles in your back and shoulder blade. You want to have the band up under a desk or something so you are not going to pull it upwards. What you are doing is pulling your shoulder blades back and keeping your elbows straight and just maintaining that shoulder blade position the whole time and keeping your chest open. And the next one is a bicep curl. So once again shoulder blades up and back, maintaining that same position, and just moving from your elbows.

Lindsay Christie (APAM)


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