Progression of flys with core activation

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Good evening guys, Bruno from POGO Physio here.  Tonight I’ll show you how to do a little tweak with your arm fly’s that we do at the gym. If you’re going to get the exercise done and you’ve been doing heavy loads make sure you drop the load first and get used to the exercise before building back up.  So it’s a pretty simple concept.  You’re going to get your mobile dumb bells, lie on your back on a bench, go into table top position with your legs.  So make sure they are 90 degrees, 90 degrees on the hips, 90 degrees on the knees, press up with the dumb bells, slight chin tuck open up into your fly.  As you go down you’ve got to really control the centre of your body so you don’t roll off the bench.  So it requires you to engage your core a little bit to maintain your balance on the bench.  You can work on probably twelve reps to start with and have a feel of that exercise. It’s great for you to engage backs and at the same time trunk stabilisation.  So that’s about it, quite simple straight forward.  If you haven’t done that before drop the weights, have a go, enjoy it, have fun.  See you later.

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Bruno Rebello

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