POGO goes PINK (Triathlon)

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Last weekend our Senior Physio and POGO Founder Brad conducted an Introduction to Good Running Technique session with the MULTISPORT Magazine Triathlon PINK girls. These amazing women will tomorrow compete in what will be for many of the girls their first triathlon the Ramsay Health Triathlon PINK otherwise known as the ‘Pinkie Tri’ to be held at Runaway Bay.

Brad took the girls through their paces combining a variety of fun technique tips such as the importance of running with a quick cadence with various fun and challenging drills.

POGO wishes these amazing girls and women all the best for their fun day out tomorrow!

A special THANK YOU to MULTISPORT’s Natalie Khuneman for the invitation to conduct the session and for her efforts in leading the girls through their preparation. Well done Nat!

Check out the MULTISPORT Mag’s Facebook page here.



Brad with the PINK Triathlon Multisport girls.


The Team’s Challenge!

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