Improve your surfing with Pilates

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What are the key aspects of surfing? Balance, posture and agility. Pilates will help to improve all of these elements.

With Pilates we look to strengthen the ‘core’ muscles first and foremost i.e. the deep abdominal muscles that support the lower back, the pelvis and hips.

Improved core strength will allow you to transfer weight between the upper and lower body with greater strength, power and speed.

You will develop improved flexibility through the hips, back and pelvis. This will assist you in your turns so that you can turn sharper with less effort.

Being stronger through the core will mean that you can surf for longer periods at a time and also reduce your chance of injury because you will be operating from a stronger base and so not exposing the back or joints.

Pilates exercises won’t just boost your performance on the wave it will help you with all elements of surfing; paddling out, duck diving, paddling onto waves, taking off.

Taking the time to improve the strength of your body with Pilates will not only make you a better surfer but make it more enjoyable too. If you ask any of the top surfers they all do some sort of body strength and conditioning work. And it doesn’t take much. Just 40 minutes twice or 3 times a week will give amazing results.

If you would like to discover more about how Pilates can improve your surfing, contact us at POGO physio for your initial orientation session and let’s take your surfing to the next level.

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