Exercise is good for the heart.

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Why Exercise is Good For the Heart

Stronger muscles are more efficient muscles. But they are also less of a strain on the heart.

Why can one person struggle to get up a flight of stairs but another can get up without even getting out of breath? The reason is that the second person has more muscles strength which requires less blood to be pumped to the muscles and the heart doesn’t have to work as hard.


The stronger the heart becomes, the more efficiently it is to pump blood around the body… so get moving!

All muscles become stronger when they are used and given time to regenerate. The heart is no exception. The stronger the heart becomes, the more efficiently it is able to pump blood around the body. The heart will be able to pump the same amount of blood around the body but use less heartbeats to do so. This means the body is expending less energy to do the same amount of work.

Our heart never gets a break throughout its entire life. It is always beating and pumping blood around the body. Anything that we can do reduce the load on the heart is beneficial to our lives.

It is like getting the car serviced regularly so that the engine doesn’t seize. But unlike cars we cannot get a new one if our engine i.e. the heart, stops.

Exercise helps to increase the amount of blood that the body circulates with each beat. While the act of exercising causes the heart rate to increase, eventually its effect will be to bring down the total number of beats per day.

It can take up to 3 months of regular exercise to see a decrease in your average heart rate. But what it will mean is that it will take less energy to do the things we already do on a daily basis and we can use that extra energy to more with our days. So not only will you feel better you will be more productive too.

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