Pilates: How long will it take to feel/see results?

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We live in an age of instant results and gratification but that mentality doesn’t apply here. Pilates is a constant pursuit of improvement. You will feel changes in the body from the first session. You will feel muscles working that you didn’t know were there or had forgotten about.

The body can do far more than the mind will let it. The mind thinks the body should move in a certain way we must retrain the mind via the body. The body is going to say ‘oh this doesn’t feel right you should stop but over time repetition and perfect practice the mind will realise okay so this isn’t feeling too bad and you have just changed your muscle memory.

Pilates works on activating all the smaller stabilising muscles first before getting to the larger muscles of the body that we normally think of e.g. chest, buttocks, quads, etc. It will provide you with longer leaner muscles, it won’t result in large bulky muscles.

You will feel more energised than before and the more you come to classes the more energy you will feel. This is because you are getting the blood flowing back to these areas like never before. Think of the tin man in the Wizard of Oz he was all stiff and creaky but when Dorothy applied the oil he was like a new man.

Pilates is the oil that lubricates our bodies. You will be just like the Tin Man to start and by the end you will be bounding out the door of POGO physio like a proverbial pogo yourself.

In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 sessions you will be like a new person. Your friends and family will see the difference in you. They will ask you what have you done differently and you will wonder why you didn’t start Pilates years ago.

Peter “Pilates” Ledwidge

POGO Physio Fitness Pilates Instructor

There are so many benefits of Pilates including flexibility, strength and longer leaner muscles. There are so many benefits of Pilates including flexibility, strength and longer leaner muscles.

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