How to use the foam roller on your TFL Muscle

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Hi guys, Emily from POGO here.  On Saturday I ran the ten kilometre Gold Coast Airport Marathon and that afternoon and the next morning I had really stiff hip.  So everyone has seen our previous videos on how to stretch your hips and quads and hip flexors, and I know a lot of you know how to foam roll your ITBS which are on your side – but I was really stiff through this part right here.  That’s called your TFL and the best way to stretch that and to get that moving is by foam rolling it.  So, you just want to start on your side, pivot using that front leg.  Come forward on like a forty five degree angle and then foam roll up and down and when you find those tight bits just kind of pivot on them. You want to try and do it for a minute or so but when you’re starting out start a bit shorter and slowly build up your time.  If you have any questions about tight hips foam rolling, anything, just leave a little comment underneath and we’ll get back to you.

Thanks guys, bye.

Emily Georgopolous (APAM)


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  • Emily Cowan

    How long can tfl pain last and when is it of concern? I am seeing a physio in Brisbane to help with my pain i am experiencing

    • Brad Beer

      Hi Emily-start with getting a clear and accurate diagnosis-go from there.

      Regards Brad Beer

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