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Hi guys, Jacob here from POGO Physio.  Today I have a really quick video for you on sitting posture and the importance of adapting the right posture while sitting at your desk. This is for all of you out there that spend a lot of your time sitting. Sometimes we can’t avoid that during the day if you work. I will demonstrate what poor posture looks like, and then how to get the right posture while you are sitting.

In terms of your sitting posture – it is really easy as the day goes and you get really busy to adapt a slouched kind of posture while you are typing away at work on your computer.  You will find your ear will start to be further in front of your shoulder. What that is going to do over time, over an 8 hour day, is most likely lead to a real loading up of these muscles at the back of your neck which are your upper traps and your large scalp muscle. Those muscles really are the ones that contribute to pain over time.

Ideally posture wise you want to be sitting up nice and tall and sitting up from your hips, core muscle just gently drawn and shoulder blades gently back and chin gently tucked in.  It will feel really weird to start with but it is much, much, better for your neck and will help to de-load your posture up top.

Good stuff guys, all the best sitting well.

Jacob Taylor (APAM)


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