The Physical Performance Show: Dr Stephen Seiler “Durability and High Intensity Repeatability” Q&A

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In episode 325 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Dr Stephen Seiler “Durability and High Intensity Repeatability” Q&A in this expert edition.

Dr Stephen Seiler is an acclaimed Sports Scientist when it comes to endurance training and he’s best known for his work around polarised training. He recently shifted his attention to the concept of ‘durability’, which he introduced us to back on Episode 317 “Intensify or extensify”, the Concept of Durability.

In this episode Dr Seiler answers questions from the recent 2022 livestream event “Durability and High Intensity Repeatability” in endurance training.

Click here if you’d like to access the full livestream on demand for $49AUD which includes a PDF copy of the presentation notes and ongoing access to the learning modules.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • What is the lowest tech approach coaches and athletes can take in applying a monitor and monitoring a durability approach
  • When carrying out low intensity sessions in cycling, how important is it to consider cadence?
  • Dr Seilier’s recommendations for the ‘weekend warrior’ to measure their thresholds for each zone without access to a lab.
  • Dr Seiler’s recommendations around nutrition when doing 1 or 2 hours in the green zone. Is it ok to skip nutrition during these training sessions?
  • Do we aim for each discipline to be a polarised split (80/20) in a multi discipline event and training?
  • Can nasal breathing for novice age groupers be taken as an indicator of a change from aerobic to mixed exercise?
  • How much high intensity interval training is too much for a 44-year-old master’s athlete in terms of heart health?
  • The best method for calculating zones training for an 11-year old runner?
  • Are low intensity workouts just fillers, or are they impactful and making a difference?
  • Would a hybrid of the 80/20 training model work better for kids rowing aged 16/17?
  • Advice on running zones for the average recreational athlete (6-12 hrs per week)
  • Dr Seiler’s thoughts on intensity for time constraint athletes

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