Crab Walks (Part 1)

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Crab Walks are a great exercise to work your glutes.


Hi guys, Lewis here from POGO Physio. Today I’m going to show you a couple of great exercises to work your glutes.  Particularly your glute med and glue min important hip stabilisers for your running, jumping, hopping, any sort of squat that requires those three things.  Now I’ve got my band here with me today so this is just a normal resistance band.  You can pop it around your knees or around your ankles, little bit tougher around your ankles.  So what you’re going to do is sink down into your squat and make sure your weight is over your glutes.  Now I’m going to draw that out nice and strong with my left foot, hold that foot then bring my right slowly behind me. Then I’m just going to repeat that walk like a crab backwards and forwards.

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