Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for ‘Health & Wellbeing’

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We do Physio differently.

We believe in spending longer on initial appointments so that important things aren’t missed and an accurate diagnosis is achieved from the start. We believe that clients should be able to pay for the outcome and not just each session, and have a guarantee of the result.

We also believe that all clients need a Physio Finish Line – a date of expected treatment completion. In July of this year we introduced our industry first fixed price, unlimited access Finish Line programs.

Just 7 weeks in we are thrilled that this new model of care in Physiotherapy is winning awards.

On 31st August 2016, Pogo Physio was awarded a Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for ‘Health & Wellbeing’.

We see awards as the fruit-they are not the aim, rather a reflection of our Physio model helping our clients discover their best physical performance.


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