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Hi guys, Lewis here from POGO.  Today I’m going to be showing you a high level adductor strengthening exercise so your adductors are your inner thigh muscles, a high level exercise is perhaps a progression after doing table cross overs or your adductor ball squeezes.

So we go into a side plank position, so your normal side plank is like so.   What we’re going to be doing is strengthening your top adductor muscle.  So your top leg is on a chair and then you go up into your plank position holding with that top leg, so making sure you are in a neutral position through your lower back and your weight of your shoulder is directly over your elbow.  Aim again to get up to over ninety seconds, start with low thirty seconds type range, a lot of people with find this quite difficult.

From there you can progress to an unstable surface instead of a chair like a fit ball.  Thanks guys

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