What is a Squatty Potty?

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Hi everyone, I’ve done extra training in women’s health and it’s an area I’m really passionate about and something we often talk about is correct toileting position and today we got delivered a squatty potty.  So, this is just a little stool that you can buy to put just in front of your toilet and the idea is that you pop your feet up on the stool.  When your feet are on the stool it brings your knees higher than your hips which puts you into a pelvic tilt.  That lines your rectum up and makes it easier to pass a bowel motion kind of like this picture here.  I’ll put the link at the bottom but sometimes you guys might wonder like we give a lot of recommendations of things and do we practice what we preach and I can say at POGO yes we do.  So we’re going to have one of the squatty pottys in the bathroom and just so you have an idea it’s just going to be sitting there you’re going to have your feet there so when you lean forward it just make it a lot easier to pass a bowel motion.  If you don’t have a squatty potty at home you can try going up on your toes or putting a different kind of stool underneath your feet.  Going up on your toes sometimes can make your leg muscles a bit tight which we try to avoid hence why a stool can be a bit better but anything to bring your knees higher than your hips is just going to optimise that pelvic position.  So as you can tell I’m very excited.  If you have any questions about the squatty potty just leave a comment underneath or any questions about women’s health just leave a message and yeah thanks guys bye.

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