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Episode 12: Masters Bodybuilding Champion – Rob Quatro

Brad Beer recently sat down with Rob Quatro – Masters Bodybuilding Champion for Episode 12 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

Brad has a fire-side chat with Rob, discussing the highs and lows of his journey from Boxing to becoming a Champion Natural Bodybuilder.

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In this episode Rob shares:

  • Introduction Rob Quatro and Team 360 Health
  • Robbie’s natural optimism
  • Robbie’s greatest fitness accomplishment
  • How Robbie skipped the amateur step of a boxing career and went straight into a professional fighting career
  • How Robbie first turned down the Vegas Musclemania World Competition
  • Robbie’s conversation with Mike Tyson
  • What sort of preparation Robbie goes through for a competition.
  • Robbie’s typical day two weeks out of competition.
  • The unhealthy side of bodybuilding
  • Robbie’s Sporting Bucket List
  • Robbie’s focus on recovery
  • Personal Bucket list items

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1:00 Introduction Rob Quatro and Team 360 Health
1:35 What is one thing that scares you the most?
4:00 What would you rate as your greatest fitness accomplishment
7:00 Robbie’s first fight
11:00 What kept Robbie from pursuing a boxing career
12:45 How Rugby was Robbie’s first passion
14:20 World natural bodybuilding championship title
20:40 Meeting Mike Tyson
23:20 What sort of preparation Robbie goes through for a competition.
27:10 Describe a typical day, 2 weeks out from competition
28:45 What is the craziest thing that you’ve seen in competition?
31:15 The unhealthy side of bodybuilding
35:30 Robbie’s top tip
39:55 Robbie’s Sporting Bucket List
41:30 Robbie’s focus on recovery
45:20 Personal Bucket list items
47:00 Finish

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