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During this episode of POGO Life, a day in the Life of POGO Physio, Brad Beer shows us an insight into his day at POGO Physio which includes a clinical session with Athlete Max Beattie.


Team is huge to me. Around here the POGO team with have 3 core values.  The first is excellence in delivery; we want to do things that are not just good but to do things with excellence. The second value is; we also talk about our customer being our hero, and yes we are here as a team a cohesive team but the focus in what we do is about our clients. The people that walk in and out of the door the people we are here to serve. The third core value is; having daily fun. So when we get the first two right excellence in our delivery, and our customer is our hero we have more margin to have daily fun.  So it is about doing really meaningful work with excellence and having fun while we do it. We never want it to be like pulling teeth. So team is everything we have a great team and we are all aligned around those core values and unified around any action we have got here at POGO for the next 5 years. But really our whole focus throughout a day is to give people more in value with their experience and what they pay for and to get people to their finish line all whilst living out those 3 values.

  • Customer is our hero.
  • Excellence in delivery.
  • Having daily fun.
Our whole focus throughout a day is to give people more in value with their experience. #performbetter @pogophysio Click To Tweet

That is a day in the life of POGO.

Physio With A Finish Line,

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Brad Beer (APAM)

Physiotherapist (APAM)
Author ‘You CAN Run Pain Free!’ Amazon Running & Jogging Bestseller
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