Podcast: Clarity in Communication and Business Philosophy: Interview with Brad Beer

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Recently Brad Beer was invited and interviewed on The Dent Podcast where he discusses Clarity in Communication, POGO Physio, his book and so much more.

Listen to the Podcast Here>>>

During the podcast, Brad talks about:

• The first dollar Brad ever earned – selling mangoes door to door!
• How niching has helped Brad become an established authority in a variety of different areas
• How he needed the creative freedom to do his own thing
• Creating an innovative business model in a traditional industry like physiotherapy
• Why Brad started creating content across loads of different mediums
• How he leveraged that content toward his business and recently achieved his first viral video
• Why Brad gives information away for free
• How he attracted A-list clients to his business
• The importance of working to your strengths in business
• Aligning fees with values
• Brad’s measure of success in business
• The three core values used by Brad and his team
• Why you need to communicate clearly with clients
• How Brad views delegation in business
• The first retreat he went on with his team

Physio with a Finish Line™,

Brad Beer physiotherapist gold coast

Brad Beer (APAM)

Physiotherapist (APAM)
Author ‘You CAN Run Pain Free!
Founder POGO Physio


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