The Physical Performance Show: Kyle Smith, Dual World Cross Triathlon Champion, Undefeated 70.3 Triathlete

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Kyle Smith

In episode 262 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Kyle Smith. Dual World Cross Triathlon Champion, Undefeated 70.3 Triathlete on this Featured Performer episode.

Kyle is a dual World Off-Road X Triathlon Champion undefeated across the 70.3 Half Ironman distance for an exploration of his career highs, lows and learnings.

Kyle is just several days away from his Iron Man distance triathlon debut in the 2021 edition of the Ironman New Zealand title. Kyle has been in recent great form with victories successively in Challenge Wanaka 70.3, Tauranga half, and the Xterra Wellington Triathlon. In both the challenge Wanaka and Tauranga half Kyle overcame former featured guests of the show New Zealand based Long Course Triathlon star Braden Currie carry to take out those titles.

During this episode, you’ll hear Kyle share around his transition from short course racing, to long course racing, Kyle shares on his best recovery tips, mistakes he has made in both racing and training when it comes to nutrition, overcoming rigidity with fuelling rules and nutrition selection, how to avoid the trap that Kyle terms overtraining and under eating and of course Kyle survives a physical performance round and lays down a physical challenge for the week.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Focus and energy
  • Race recaps and reports
  • Starting in triathlons
  • Rough Patch during career
  • Getting to the start line, fuelled and ready to go
  • Overtraining and undereating
  • Performance Round
  •  Ironman Debut

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To follow Kyle Smith:

Instagram: @kylesmithnzl
Twitter: @Kyle_Smith_TRI


0:00 Start
4:30 Focus and energy
7:30 Race recaps and reports
9:25 Starting in triathlons
13:09 Rough Patch during career
18:15 Getting to the start line, fuelled and ready to go
28:00 Overtraining and undereating
35:12 Performance Round
41:03 Ironman Debut
46:00 Finish

People Mentioned

Braden Currie – World Multisport Champion, Episode 175 of The Physical Performance Show
Hayden Wild – NZ Professional Athlete

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