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Jessica Hull

In episode 247 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Jessica Hull on this featured performer episode around all things being an Australian Distance Runner.

If you are a keen follower of Australian athletics, Jessica Hull needs no introduction. Earlier in 2020, Jessica went on an Australian national record setting streak, kicking it off with a 5000m new national record of 14:43.80 at the diamond league in Monaco, followed one month later by the national record in the 1500m 4:00.42 set at the diamond league in Berlin. And then just less than two weeks later, Jessica ran another Australian National record in the 3000m in Doha 8:36.03. Now the 5000m record was an 18 year record held by a prior featured performer of the show, Benita Willis, Episode 20 and Jess’s 1500m time has her poised to be potentially the first Australian woman to ever run sub four minutes in the coming years for the 1500m.

Needless to say, Jessica is a huge talent and on this episode, you’ll hear Jess share around the highs, lows and learnings, the origins of her athletic days, the role of her family and support team in helping Jess perform at her physical best, the influence of time spent on scholarship at the University of Oregon in the US, the role of strength and conditioning in Jess’s performances, fueling for the work required and Jess survives the physical performance round and issues a doubleheader on the physical challenge for the week. Here is my conversation with Australian National record holder, the 1500m, 3000m and 5000m Jessica Hull.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Navigating Travel through a Worldwide Pandemic
  • When will you be back with your squad in the US?
  • Coach Pete – the man with the plan
  • Results in training you never thought possible
  • When did you first sense you had a running gift?
  • Keeping it fun for kids
  • College experience in the USA
  • Approach to training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Key Training Sessions
  • Physical Performance Round
  • Fueling for the hard sessions
  • Best Advice
  • Physical Challenge
  • Top 3 Characteristics for athletes
  • Tokyo 2021

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To follow Jessica Hull

Twitter: @jessicahull143
Instagram: @jessicaahull


“I’m going to do this workout for a number of years, and it’s going to get better each time, It doesn’t need to be perfect straightaway”
“Athletes are their own hardest critic.”
“Keep your head where your feet are.”

Top 3 Characteristics for athletes

  • Resiliency
  • Confidence
  • Positivity

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0:00 Start
1:30 Introduction to Jessica Hull
4:30 Navigating Travel through a Worldwide Pandemic
6:20 When will you be back with your squad in the US?
7:00 Coach Pete – the man with the plan
9:30 Results in training you never thought possible
16:25 When did you first sense you had a running gift?
18:50 Keeping it fun for kids
23:00 College experience in the USA
26:02 Approach to training
30:07 Strength and Conditioning
33:20 Key Training Sessions
38:00 Physical Performance Round
43:42 Fueling for the hard sessions
49:21 Best Advice
53:08 Physical Challenge
54:57 Top 3 Characteristics for athletes
56:40 Tokyo 2021
1:02:05 Finish

People Mentioned

Shannon Rowbury – American middle-distance runner
Ryan Gregson – AUS 1500m Record Holder, Dual Olympian, The Physical Performance Show Ep31
Stewart McSweyn – Australian long-distance runner
Benita Willis – 4 x Olympian & AUS Marathon Record Holder, The Physical Performance Show Ep20
Laura Weightman – British middle-distance runner
Miles Stewart –  (OAM), CEO Triathlon Australia, OLY, 1991 World Triathlon Champion, The Physical Performance Show Ep246
Genevieve Lacaze – Dual AUS Olympian, 3000m Steeplechase & 5000m, The Physical Performance Show Ep30

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