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Rachel Neylan

In episode 248 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Rachel Neylan, Olympic & Professional Cyclist, 2012 UCI World Championship Silver on this Featured Performer Episode.

Rachel represented Australia at the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, which was the culmination of a childhood dream. In 2012 Rachel picked up a silver medal in the UCI World Cycling Championships. Rachel bases herself out of Europe where she has picked up multiple UCI World stage victories and podiums. As we look ahead to Tokyo 2021 Rachel is looking to secure her second Australian Olympic team berth.

Aside from Rachel’s sparkling sporting resume, Rachel’s back story is inspiring as she took up cycling later in life at 25 years of age. After graduating as a physiotherapist working with Rowing Australia, before taking a bold leap of faith in embarking on a journey to become a world class Australian athlete and ultimately an Olympian.

During this episode, Rachel shares about the top three characteristics for performance, why using the word “talent” can be so dangerous, persisting through adversity, seizing opportunities, and Rachel survives the physical performance round, issues a wonderful physical challenge for the week along with a further challenge to drop the label ‘women’s cycling’, as Rachel says it’s one sport, female and male athletes, but we need to stop using the phrase women’s cycling.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Representing Australia
  • Racing Season in 2020
  • How Rachel started in athletics
  • Starting in cycling
  • Persistence
  • London Olympics
  • Coaching and mindset
  • Fuelling for racing
  • Performance Round
  • Training in Australia
  • Women’s cycling moving forward
  • Physical Challenge
  • Picking up a new sport

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To follow Rachel Neylan

Twitter: @rachneylan
Instagram: @rachneylan


“I had to choose a sport that suited my physiology.”
“The all in approach – all or nothing!”
“Give yourself to the race.”
“You’re an athlete 24 hours a day.”
“Being at one with yourself and the race” Being in the zone
“Be Curious, don’t leave any stone unturned.”
“I’ve always been one to challenge normal.”

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0:00 Start
3:52 Representing Australia
5:30 Racing Season in 2020
6:40 How Rachel started in athletics
13:00 Starting in cycling
21:40 Persistence
22:30 London Olympics
26:00 Coaching and mindset
28:40 Top 3 tips
33:23 Fuelling for racing
36:25 Performance Round
46:20 Training in Australia
48:00 Women’s cycling moving forward
50:30 Physical Challenge
52:00 Picking up a new sport
57:47 Finish





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