Great Tip for Overhead Lifting

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In this video, I share with you some great tips for overhead lifting.


This recording is about overhead lifting and giving you a tip for a strengthening exercise to activate your inferior traps whilst you are bracing overhead.  So people that are starting cross fit or weight lifting would benefit from that.  I must say though you’ve got be working on your mobility first so you’ve got to have good range of your thoracic extension shoulder mobility before you move onto this because if you don’t have the mobility you’re not going to get the activation right.  If you have been doing your homework that exercise is then for you.  So pretty much you’re going to need a band and you’re going to start in that sort of an angle and you’re going to pull the band backwards activating your inferior traps. You’re going to then externally rotate your shoulders and make maintain that you’re going to burst up overhead hold it for a couple of seconds, slowly down and back to the initial position.  So the tip of the exercise is to control that movement and do not let your arm flick forward so you’re activating your stabilisers through your shoulder blades, your scapula and your inferior traps at the same time that you are pressing up to your overhead movement.  So give this a go and enjoy it.   See ya.

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