Glut Strengthening Exercise For Runners- Donkey Kicks

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Glut Strengthening Exercise for Runners-Donkey Kicks

All runners require strong hips musculature in order to enjoy injury-free and faster running. There are several hip muscles that need to be both activated and strengthened in order for the runner to experience the benefits (see diagram below). One such muscle (group) is the gluteus maximus (or bottom muscles).

hip running muscles

The chief hip stability muscles of the hip (pg 220 ‘You CAN Run Pain Free!’

The powerful gluteus maximus muscles are critical for both fast and injury-free running. The chief action of the gluteus maximus is to extend the hip (ie the runner’s leg is taken behind the runner’s body with forward propulsion of the runner). The gluteus maximus muscles also play a role in external rotation of the hip, and the collapsing inward of the stance leg (leg that runner lands on) on landing of the runner.

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How to Strengthen the Gluteus Maximus Muscles

There exist many ways to strengthen the gluteus max muscles for runners. One of my favourite exercises is demonstrated below. I refer to this exercise as ‘donkey kicks’. For the yogis it’s really a dynamic downward dog position.

The video below demonstrates the donkey kicks. (Apologies for the less than ideal video quality).

Repetitions: start with 3 sets of 12 repetitions and build to 3 sets of 20 repetitions for further endurance.

Video Transcript

Hi guys!  I just want to demonstrate a great exercise today for lower leg strength, in particularly this is good for runners.

It is all about the gluts and getting hip extension.  I call them the donkey kicks.  It is in a downward dog position, which the yogis will be familiar with, and then from there you are just going to kick one leg up behind you as high as you can to fully engage and activate your gluts.  I like to do this one in three lots of 12 reps or 3 lots of 20 reps and it is just a fantastic exercise.  It is also great for lower back pain sufferers who need to have activated strong gluts.

So have fun guys with the Donkey Kicks.

For another great glut max strengthening exercise (High Bench Bridges) click HERE>>

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