Quadriceps tendinopathy & enthesopathy Rehabilitation exercise

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Hey guys, this is Brad from POGO Physio here. I just want to share with you today a great exercise for the health of the quadriceps tendon. The quadriceps tendon sits on top of the kneecap here – it is different from the patella tendon which sits underneath the knee cap. One of the things with upset quadriceps tendons is that where it joins into the bone it can become sensitive and you need to give it the right exercise to help it rehabilitate The exercise I prescribed over the last several years with great success is an isometric wall squat – it looks like this:

The feet need to be directly underneath the knee, hands across chest, and legs at 90 degrees and we are holding that there for normally when you start 10 lots of 30 seconds with progressions towards 1 minute and longer holds as you go. That is the first position.

Position 2 is the same as this: feet underneath knees but legs at 45 degrees, holding that with a straight back, starting with thirty seconds and then moving on with the duration of the hold time.

Like any tendon problem, the quadriceps tendon won’t change quickly, it is a progress. Work closely with your physio and have great communication and you will get a result. Thanks guys.

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