Lower Back Pain Exercise: Knee Rocks (VIDEO)

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Lower Back Pain Exercise: Knee Rocks (VIDEO)

Lower Back Pain Pathology

Lower back pain is very common, with 80% of the population likely to experience low back pain at some point during their lifetime. Most acute back pain, despite the nature or the severity of pain, is the result of a simple sprain, strain or irritation. The prognosis is excellent, with most seeing significant improvements in the first few weeks and completely resolved within 3 months.

A great exercise that can be beneficial to aid the settling of low back pain is the Knee Rocks, as performed in this video. Everyone’s back pain is different, however many types of back pain respond fantastically to this simple exercise. If you are experiencing back pain which is more uncomfortable first thing in the morning then this may be a beneficial exercise. This exercise should be used a gentle way to introduce movement in the morning and help to warm you up for the day ahead. A hot shower and heat pack may also be useful. Follow the simple instructions within the video.

If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact your local physiotherapist.

Emily Georgopoulos (APAM)

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