The Physical Performance Show: Jaryd Clifford – World Para-athletic bronze medallist (1500m), World Record Holder T12/13 1500m, U/20 AUS 1500m able-body champion

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Jaryd Clifford

In episode 125 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer has a conversation with Jaryd Clifford – World Para-athletic bronze medallist (1500m), World Record Holder T12/13 1500m, U/20 AUS 1500m able-body champion.

Jaryd is a classified T12 visually impaired very fast Track Runner. Earlier this year Jaryd set a World Record for the T12 visually impaired class in the 1500m, and lets not forget Jaryd is just the tender age of 18 years old. Jaryd ran an incredible 3:45 to post the World Record and that is off the back of some other remarkable achievements in recent times. Jaryd recently won the under 20 years able bodied 1500m in a time of 3:49..

Jaryd first divbuted for Australia the 2015 International Paralympic Committee World Champs in Doha Qatar where he placed 7th in the 5000m, he then went on to match this result the 2016 Paralympic Games in doing so shaving 49 seconds off his 2015 time and setting an oceanic record in the 1500m and that 2016 Paralympic Rio experience. Jaryd had an extraordinarily 2016-2017 summer season where he slashed masses of times from his personal best, he went on at just 18 to become a Bronze Medallist in the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships earlier this year.

During this conversation Jaryd takes us through what it was like for him as a young boy. His diagnosis of Juvenile Macular Degeneration which was made at the age of 3, pursuing other sports before focusing Jaryd’s efforts on distance running, what is like before living day to day with the challenges that he encounters, we talk about bucket list, becoming the school captain, a usual physical performance round and of course the physical challenge for the week. There is so much in this, get ready to be inspired and moved and encouraged to pursue your own Physical best with Jaryd Clifford.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • What Jaryd is learning at the moment
  • Focus for Tokyo
  • Jaryd’s younger years
  • Juvenile Macular degeneration diagnosis
  • The deterioration of Jaryd’s sight
  • Jaryd’s Achievements
  • Representing Australia at the Paralympics
  • Jaryd’s favourite achievement
  • Jaryd’s darkest day
  • Performance Round
  • Best Advice
  • Physical Channel – Run for 50m with a blind fold on.

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“Don’t be soft and have a crack!” – Mantra
“Nothing to worry about and totally in tune with your body.” – Being in the Zone
“Embrace who you are and be happy with who you are.” – Best Advice
“I am ME and proud to be ME!”
“Put yourself in situations that scare you a little.”
“Embrace yourself for who you are.”
“Have a crack at everything.”
“If I’m on and concentrating, I’m going to run really well.”

To follow Jaryd Clifford

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Twitter: @JarydClifford
Facebook: @jaryd.clifford
Website: Jaryd Clifford
Jaryd Clifford Jaryd Clifford


0:00 Start
1:30 Introduction to Jaryd
5:00 What Jaryd is learning at the moment
7:30 Focus for Tokyo
10:00 Jaryd’s younger years
11:00 Juvenile Macular degeneration diagnosis
17:00 The deterioration of Jaryd’s sight
25:00 Jaryd’s Achievements
28:00 Representing Australia at the Paralympics
34:00 Jaryd’s favourite achievement
41:00 Jaryd’s darkest day
47:00 Performance Round
53:30 Best Advice
58:50 Physical Channel – Run for 50m with a blind fold on.
1:05:21 Finish

Jaryd Clifford

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