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Clint Kimmins

In episode 124 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer has a conversation with Clint Kimmins – Big Wave Surfer & Pro Long-course Triathlete.

Clint Kimmins went from being a childhood surfing professional prodigy to prison inmate before then morphing over to become a Professional Long Course Triathlete and also a big wave Surfer pursuing the World’s Big Wave Surfing Tour. In this conversation you’re going to hear Clint share around the highs, the lows and the learnings of his sporting career and pursuits to date. Clint takes us back to the early highs of his Junior Professional Surfing Career where he was touted as one of Australia’s hottest up and coming talents. Travelling the world through his teens and also into his early 20’s.

And then the crossroad, Clint shares very vividly around how he found himself sentenced to 18 months in prison with a minimum time of six months for an unlawful wounding incident which he was convicted of before the Courts.  Clint takes us through his time behind bars and how coming out on the other side has shaped him into the man he is today. He now completes competitively in Long Course Triathlon around the World with his ultimate goal being to compete in the professional category, the World’s Top 50 Athletes who start in Hawaii Ironman Professional Ranks of the World Triathlon Championships in Kona Hawaii.

In tandem with that Clint knows he has the talent to compete on the world big wave world tour. He shares today around the process of being selected to compete on that tour, he also shares around the goal he has and that is to become the World Big Wave Surfing Champion and the belief that underpins that. This is a fascinating conversation with the fascinating remarkable athlete and human.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • What is Clint learning
  • Juggling life and training
  • Surfing vs Triathlon
  • Clint’s younger years
  • Family life
  • Passion for Surfing
  • Media and Magazine Covers
  • The fight that changed Clint’s life.
  • How Jail has affected Clint’s life
  • Clint’s first triathlon
  • Getting a podium
  • Greatest achievement as a professional triathlete
  • Performance Round
  • Physical Challenge: Hit stop on your alarm clock and get up straight away

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“Don’t compare yourself to others, go along at your own pace.” – Best Advice
“Be selfish, focus on you!”
“Deep weird thoughts.” – Being in the Zone
“Harden the ‘F’ up” – Mantra
“To be able to fund the dreams, you have to work without sponsors.”
“If you’re not putting in the time to Triathlon, you’re wasting your time.”
“I love the honesty and purity of endurance sports.”
“Outlook with a positive mind, can create positive vibes.”
“You can always find a positive outlook.”
“Work on self-happiness and self-evaluation.”
“Surfing for happiness”
“Do things that are honest and pure.”
“Ironman: Sticking it out when things aren’t going your way.”

Clint Kimmins Clint Kimmins

To follow Clint Kimmins

Instagram: @clintkimmins
Twitter: @clintkimmins
Facebook: @clintkimminsathlete
YouTube: 84clipper

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0:00 Start
1:30 Introduction to Clint Kimmins
4:00 What is Clint learning
6:00 Juggling life and training
11:00 Surfing vs Triathlon
22:00 Clint’s younger years
27:00 Family life
32:50 Passion for Surfing
35:30 Media and Magazine Covers
38:30 The fight that changed Clint’s life.
48:00 How this changed Clint
50:00 How Jail has affected Clint’s life
59:00 Clint’s first triathlon
1:05:30 Getting a podium
1:10:00 Greatest achievement as a professional triathlete
1:13:00 Performance Round
1:18:20 Physical Challenge: Hit stop on your alarm clock and get up straight away
1:23:34 Finish

Clint Kimmins

People Mentioned

Mick Fanning – Australian Professional Surfer
Joel Parkinson – Australian Professional Surfer
Dean Morrison – Australian Professional Surfer
Damon Harvey – Australian Professional Surfer
Mark “Ochy” Occhilupo – Australian Professional Surfer
Brendan Margieson – Australian Professional Surfer
Nathan Hedges – Australian Professional Surfer
Luke McKenzie – Australian Triathlete

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