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Ian Griffiths

In episode 177 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Ian Griffiths Sports Podiatrist: Foot Orthoses – facts and fiction in this expert edition.

On this Expert Edition we take a deep dive into all things Foot orthosis or Orthotics. When it comes to foot orthosis it seems that everyone has an opinion, some people believe that everyone needs orthotics, others believe that no one needs orthotics. Some say that orthotics or orthosis weaken the foot, many maintained that orthosis re-align or reposition the skeleton and others believe that once you’ve got foot orthosis you have them for life. These are just some of the myths that we tackle and Ian Griffiths provides accurate information on this episode. We discuss the history of and definition of and mechanisms by which foot orthosis are known to have an effect. Ian shares an intriguing concept around foot orthosis as medication and Ian lays down a fun physical challenge.

Ian Griffiths is a foot, ankle and lower limb specialist. Ian is the Head of Podiatry at the prestigious pure Sports Medicine Practice in London. In addition Ian provides Sports Physiotherapy services to the PGA European tour, England Rugby Sevens, Surrey County Cricket Club and numerous football clubs and has provided services at the 2012 London Olympic games.  Ian maintains an active interest in research having published work in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, The Journal of Foot and Ankle Research and The Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association. Ian also is a manuscript reviewer of the Civil Sport Injury in Physical Therapy Journals and Ian speaks internationally on all things Sports Podiatry. Furthermore Ian was awarded Fellowships for both the College of Podiatry in Podiatric Medicine and also the Faculty of Podiatry Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Introduction about Foot Orthosis
  • Ian’s Interest in Podiatry
  • Becoming a PhD Specialising in Foot Orthosis
  • Encounter and experiences with different Podiatrists
  • Definition of Foot Orthosis
  • Myths on Orthosis
  • Life sentence Myth: “Until death do us part there is foot orthosis.”
  • Orthosis and Skeleton Re-alignment
  • Marketing Strategies in Orthosis
  • Can Orthosis weaken the Foot?
  • Neutral Running Shoe
  • Explaining Pronation
  • Mechanical Treatments for Patients
  • Mechanisms by which foot orthosis may work
  • Orthosis as Medication
  • Analogy of Prefab and Custom-Made Orthotics
  • Shoe patterns to consider
  • Foot Muscle Exercise Prescription
  • Foot Posture Index
  • Colour Factors in Orthosis
  • Best Advice from Ian
  • What Ian loves about Running 

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“You have to prepare, it’s all in the preparation.” – Best Advice
“Get out and do your local Parkrun” – Physical Challenge
“It’s never about the perfect shoe, it’s never about the perfect device.”
“Custom made Orthotics are not always superior.”
“Custom-made has the ability to control the dose, Prefab is a device that is based on a foot model in a factory.”
“For durability some people choose the custom made.”
“Don’t worry too much about the wear patterns of the shoe.”

Ian Griffiths

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Foot Orthoses Articles
Myths of Foot Orthoses Articles.

Ian Griffiths

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0:00 Start
1:37 Introduction on Foot Orthosis
2:29 Introduction to Ian Griffiths
4:45 Interest in Podiatry
6:27 Becoming a PhD Specialising in Foot Orthosis
7:45 Encounter and experiences with different Podiatrists
11:04 Definition of Foot Orthosis
16:00 Myths on Orthosis
19:27 Life sentence Myth: “Until death do us part there is foot orthosis.”
22:00 Orthosis and Skeleton Re-alignment
25:00 Marketing Strategies in Orthosis
26:20 Orthosis weaken the Foot myth
30:40 Neutral Running Shoe
35:50 Explaining Pronation
40:00 Mechanical Treatments for Patients
43:55 Mechanisms by which foot orthosis may work
56:33 Orthosis as Medication
1:08:30 Analogy of Prefab and Custom-Made Orthotics
1:15:44 Shoe patterns to consider
1:19:05 Foot Muscle Exercise Prescription
1:22:52 Foot Posture Index
1:26:54 Colour Factors in Orthosis
1:31:15 Best Advice from Ian
1:32:10 Physical Challenge
1:33:56 What Ian loves about Running
1:41:55 Finish

Ian Griffiths

People Mentioned:

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Matt Fitzgerald – Best Selling Author ‘80/20 Running’ Episode 141 of the Physical Performance Show
Dr Luke Kelly – UK Podiatrist
Paul Sinton-Hewitt – Founder of Parkrun
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